Let’s Travel to Wawa

This is the Best place you need to visit when you are in Montalban .. Don’t miss it 😀



Mount Pamintinan & Wawa Dam, Rizal

Pamitinan Cave is a historic site. It is where Andres Bonifacio, together with other 8 katipuneros declared their first independence against Spain in April 12, 1895, a year before the start of the Philippine revolution. The cave still bears the inscription of Andres Bonifacio and his followers: Viva la Independencia Filipinas”.

Wawa Dam is located at the foothills of the Sierra Madre mountains. It supplies water to Novaliches passing through large pipes. It has gorge which lies between two limestone mountains and through it passes the upper Marikina River. Four caves are said to have been inhabited by the Japanese soldiers during the Second World War.

Source : (http://www.visitmyphilippines.com/index.php?title=PamitinanCave/WawaDam&func=all&pid=6720)


I live in Montalban, and almost every single day, I see busloads of people going to Avilon. I saw the reason why when I finally had the chance to go there. Avilon is the biggest zoological institution in the Philippines in terms of land area!

It has 3,000 live specimens in its 7.5-hectare facility, with over 500 species of birds, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and a variety of freshwater fish. No wonder a lot of local and even foreign visitors go all the way to Montalban to see it!

Frankly, I don’t like zoos. I much prefer to see the animals in the wild. However, I can appreciate the reasons why they exist, and seeing the animals in Avilon made me wish that all zoos in Metro Manila were as big and as well maintained as Avilon.

7814485808_5ce1d93203_z (1).jpg

The word Avilon means “land of birds,” and in fact, there are a lot of birds there, from parrots and cockatoos, to canaries, hornbills, and graceful flamingos.

There were birds of prey like hawks, eagles, and kites, and you can see the world’s largest pigeon here too, the Victoria Crown Pigeon, as well as some endangered species like the Cassowary and the Emu from Australia.

Source: (https://www.solitarywanderer.com/avilon-zoo-in-montalban-rizal/)

daranak (2).jpg
Puray Falls, also known to the locals as Panas falls, is located on the remote part of Rodriguez, Rizal.  This hidden wonder hasn’t been much known to the public until in 2002 when a group of mountain bikers mapped this area of Rizal searching for new trails.

Source: (http://www.theopennotes.com/biking/padyak-puray-falls-rodriguez-rizal/)

Brgy Puray is one of the most isolated Brgy in Rodriguez, Rizal. Puray is already in the Sierra Madre mountain ranges, several mountains away from the town center.

Puray may not be highly-urbanized like the other brgy but it does offer a beautiful surrounding. It has streams, rivers and falls that makes the brgy really surprising.

One of the attractions there is the Puray Falls ( Tungtong o the locals).

Puray Falls is known more as a biker’s destination, a good starting point for first-time trekkers.

Another place that would definitely put into adventurer’s itinerary.

Source: (http://www.wowrizal.com/towns-and-cities/rodriguez-montalban/puray-falls-of-rodriguez-rizal/)



Located at Sitio Wawa, Barangay San Rafael, Rodriguez (formerly Montalban), Rizal, the cave is within Mt. Pamitinan.  History dictates that it served as one of the hiding sites of Andres Bonifacio and some Katipuneros during the Spanish occupation.

According to the Tourism Office, it was supposed to be closed indefinitely but we were fortunate enough that Kuya Junie talked with the DENR personnel, prior to our arrival, which resulted to them allowing us to explore the cave.

Stalagmites and stalactites, ceiling measuring up to 30feet high and some waters, ranging from foot to below-the-knee deep are apparent especially in the first few meters of the cave. Also, rubber pipes can be found lying on the path. It is where the locale receives their water source. Amber and I were both amazed on the crystal like rocks of the cave and how it was formed.

At the “end” of the cave is what they called “the Bulwagan”. It served as the meeting place of Andres Bonifacio and the Katipuneros to discuss matters and plans on their next move against their enemies. According to Kuya Junie, if we continue until the farthest end of the cave, we will find a falls but for safety reason we did not push thru with it. He said that it would require us to swim then recommended that it would be safer during summer (So I guess, I will be returning this summer to finish the cave).

Here is something I learned from Kuya Junie about the waters of Pamintinan Cave. During summer, we can push thru until the falls and during rainy seasons, waters on the first few meters of the cave can measure up to waist deep which would obviously mean that the falls will be unreachable as well.


I considered this as one of the best caves I’ve been, sadly, it was never fully taken care of. I commend that the cave was clean from trashes (maybe there is but I haven’t seen any that time) but definitely noticed numerous wall writings. Hopefully, with proper maintenance and security, the beauty of the cave will someday be restored. We ended our cave exploration at 12nn or after two hours then proceeded to eat our lunch near the Tourism Office.

Source :(http://thebackpackersadventures.blogspot.com/2014/03/pamitinan-cave-mt-pamitinan-and-wawa-dam.html)


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